About Nida Acun
“I created a new planet in my pictures. The name of this colorful planet is Pinka.
There are beings called Pinko living in Pinka. They are colorful, animated, sympathetic and fairy-tale beings.

I also paint Pinka, the planet of happiness with all my imagination.
I am aware that I actually created a culture while painting.
To a new world beyond painting, to a new perspective
I look with the most vibrant colors. "

Painter Nida Acun lives in Istanbul. Mimar Sinan University
She drew attention with his new style in the workshops of the Faculty of Fine Arts.
Her pictures were exhibited.
Works on canvases in his own workshop
continues by interpreting acrylic paints with a new technique.

She adds his own philosophy and perspective to the originality and creativity of the painting.
Artist Nida Acun